Frequently Asked Questions

What is Los Angeles BD?

Los Angeles BD is a business directory for small businesses located in the booming city of Los Angeles. Our directory allows business owners to add a free listing which includes, business name, phone number, address, email, website link, news and product info and much more. To know more about us, please check out

Is it free to list?

Yes, you can list your business in the directory for FREE! We want to be the most-comprehensive, one-stop directory of Los Angeles-based business and we invite all business owners and service providers, like you, to list your business to the directory. It's totally FREE and yet proven effective to promote your business online.Our FREE listing gives you an online exposure with the following details:

  • Business Name
  • Address and Phone
  • Business Description
  • Website Address
  • Email Contact Form
  • Add News and/ or Products and Services

What makes you different from other BDs?

Los Angeles BD is maintained and managed by professional SEO experts and programmers. The directory has been indexed by major search engines, which means businesses that are listed here are displayed on the first pages of search queries. We continue to tweak and update our codes to ensure that the directory will always be in compliance with the requiremenst of search engines. Most of all, this directory is FREE!

How many businesses can I list?

You can list unlimited number of businesses as long as these businesses are Los Angeles-based and do not violate any existing laws. Adding businesses is very easy and you only need just one account to add as many businesses as you want. As soon as you have registered, you can simply click the "Add a Business" link in your dashboard and add unlimited business. And yes it remains free to add unlimited number of businesses. 

I want to be on top of the list in the category that I choose. What should I do?

You can upgrade your account to Premium for a small monthly fee. Upgrading is fast and easy and gives your business plenty of benefits. If you want to be on top of the business category that you choose or if you want to be the first to be seen by your target customers online, upgrading to premium account will give you the advantage. It also includes the following additional benefits:

  • You can upload up to 6 photos about your products or services
  • You can add business hours to your listing
  • Enhanced listing in every category you appear under (the keywords you choose) business appears before free listings
  • You business will appear in tiled ads that will be seen next to your competitors

How did my business details get on this website?

As we strive to provide Los Angeles residents a comprehensive directory of all the local businesses in the city, we have hired expert researchers who browse other portals and search industry listing for businesses that we can include here. If you want to delete your business details or if you want to update your information, you can easily do so by clicking the "Claim this Business" link placed directly above the business name.

Can I create a free website when I join?

Yes! Los Angeles BD directory also has a free website builder located at: Even if you have a website creating a free website is a great way to add valuable links to your main website. The simple website builder allows you to quickly put your site together. Click the link above to register your website address. You don't have to be a programmer or a web designer to make a beautiful website for your business.

I want to know more about this directory, can I contact you?

 If you want to know more about the different benefits and advantages that your business can get by listing in this directory, please feel free to contact us using our contact form that can be found here:

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