About Los Angeles Business Directory 


Since our inception in 2011, Los Angeles BD (http://www.losangelesbd.com) has grown to become the premier business directory for local businesses and services in the Greater Los Angeles area. We provide FREE online listing for local business owners who want to promote their products and services online without having to spend huge amount of money for online advertisement.


LosAngelesbd.com is operated by a team of online marketing and web presence professionals who believe that each local business or service provider must be given equal online space to compete with big companies that have extra funds for online marketing and promotions expenses. By providing a FREE venue for businesses to be discovered online, our online business directory has become a favorite online spot for business owners.


Whether you are a small flower shop owner, a professional electrician or plumber, a wedding planner, a travel agency, or a convenience store manager, you can post information about your business or services online so that people in Los Angeles can easily find you with just a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on their smartphones.


An Online Presence for All 


The people behind LosAngelesbd.com are also local business owners and professionals living and doing business in Los Angeles, California. We know how hard it is to get the attention of online customers especially with the stiff competition and expensive online advertising rates. In May of 2011, we have decided to put up an online directory as consumers now turn to the internet to find businesses and service providers.


Our free listing includes the following: 


            - Business name

            - Business address

            - Contact numbers

            - Email address

            - Website

            - Google map of the location




            - A free one-page website where you can promote, provide details, or give summary of your products or services


We provide all these online presence advantage for FREE. That means you can now further promote your business online without having to spend a single dollar for advertising and promotions.


About Los Angeles, California 


Los Angeles, or globally known as LA, is home to the most number of people in the entire California and the second most populous city in the entire United States. By 2011, the city has total a population of 3.11 million people, Los Angeles continues to attract investors – multinational and local businesses – who are opening shops and offices almost every day.


Doing business in LA is easy, quick, and provides the best ROI for investors, triggering a boom in the local economy of a city known all over the world. As the local economy continues to flourish, more and more people are opening up businesses, which result to stiff competition.


Located in Southern California, the City of Angels is home to Hollywood and various globally-known areas and destinations. With millions of tourists and Americans from other states trooping to the city every year, LA continues to be a good place to do business.


LosAngelesbd.com, LA’s Online Business Directory 


If you are a business owner or a service provider looking for a way to boost your online presence and tap the growing number of potential customers who are looking for products and services through the Internet, this is your chance to get listed for FREE.


List your business in LosAngelesdb.com and become a part of the fastest-growing online business directory in Los Angeles.


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